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2,000 Talc Cases for Southern California?

HarrisMartin reports, in an August 9, 2016 article (paywall) that a state court judge in Los Angeles expects that perhaps 2000 talc cases may be filed in southern California. However, the basis for the court’s expectation is not explained in the article or the order. According to part of the HarrisMartin article:

“A petition to create a coordinated docket for California’s growing number of talcum powder claims has been granted, according to a recent ruling. In an Aug. 2 ruling, Judge Ann I. Jones of the Los Angeles Superior Court found that “coordination will promote the ends of justice.” “Given the expected magnitude of the cases (i.e., approximately 2,000) and Petitioners’ representation that the majority of the Plaintiffs will be from Southern California, the Court recommends that the site of the coordinated proceedings be Los Angeles County,” the ruling stated.”

A hearing to address the petition was held on July 29 in Los Angeles County. Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases, No. JCCP4872 (Calif. Super. Ct., Los Angeles Cty.).”

The order is online.

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