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When reading other blogs, I tend to miss comments on the posts, so te purposed of this post is to highlight a “comment” provided yesterday by Mr. Wolfe, of See the comment below yesterday’s post or the full text is pasted below:

Curtis Wolfe said…

I’m the founder of I want to clarify something, lawyers do not pay referral fees on wcis, they pay to advertise (like the Google model) to wcis users. Most importantly, wcis does not decide which counsel is recommended for a particular case, the user decides. The site supplies the users as much information as possible so that the user can make an educated decision on which counsel is best for them. The user can contact one or more lawyers or firms to ask case specific questions, and then decide if and when the user wants to hire a firm. There is no other site that allows the users to control the entire process like In fact, our site has technology that would allow the user to chat with someone from each firm before making a decision. Unfortunately, the law firms are not quite ready to use this technology, so it is disabled until some future date when we hope the firms will be ready to use all of the site’s functionality.

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