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Whistleblowing and the Litigation Industry – A Review of Costs and Benefits

What costs and benefits does whistleblowing create for the litigation industry?  Some detailed data and thoughts on the subject are reviewed in a March 9, 2015 post at D&O Diary. That post is a review and summary of a larger post/article:

“As discussed in a March 4, 2015 post on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation entitled “The Impact of Whistleblowers on Financial Misrepresentation Enforcement Actions” (here), which in turn described their longer academic paper of the same title (here), four academics have examined the impact of whistleblowing activity on the outcome of regulatory enforcement actions for financial misrepresentation. The four authors are Andrew Call of the Arizona State University School of Accountancy, Gerald Martin of American University Business School, Nathan Sharp of Texas A&M University Accountancy Department, and Jaron Wilde of the University of Iowa Business School.”

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