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“Where Are They Now, Part Eight: An Update On Developments In Asbestos-Related Bankruptcy Case

It’s hard to believe, but now out is:  Where Are They Now, Part Eight: An Update On Developments In Asbestos-Related Bankruptcy Cases.  It’s the “got to” definitive list for the status of and outcomes of asbestos bankruptcy cases. The asbestos trust train just keeps rolling. As before, it was published first by Bryan Redding and other good people at Mealey’s, and is now online.  The authors list this time is: Mark D. Plevin,Tacie H. Yoon, and Leslie A. Davis, of Crowell & Moring LLPWashington, D.C., and Brendan V. Mullan,Belinda Y. Liu, and Galen P. Sallomi, Crowell & Moring LLP, San Francisco, CA.

The original Where are They Now was a big hit in 2001. The various editions are online here.

The Crowell team also continues to provide online access to the three charts appended to the article, which are updated in real time at Crowell’s  web site. See

As always, thanks to the Crowell team for sharing a valuable tool.

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