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Watch on Monday for A. M. Best Findings and Projections on Asbestos and Environmental Losses

This article from Business Insurance overviews points from an A.M. Best study to be released on Monday with data and projections on losses from asbestos and pollution claims. Here are some excerpts from the Business Insurance advance article:

“Best estimates the industry’s ultimate asbestos and environmental losses will reach $117 billion, down from a previous estimate of $121 billion. Asbestos exposures, however, are projected to reach $75 billion, up $10 billion from a previous estimate; environmental exposures are projected to drop to $42 billion from a previously estimated $55 billion. (emphasis added)

“The increase in asbestos estimates reflects ongoing, elevated levels of annual incurred losses, as well as a subtle shift of losses away from product liability claims to more costly nonproducts claims against more peripheral defendants,” according to the report. “Also affecting asbestos losses is a growing proportion of settlements in more serious cases, principally related to mesothelioma, which is increasing the average values of such claims.

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