Until Year End, 2x Match for Donations to Mesothelioma Research at MARF

Tis the season for donating to mesothelioma research, and obtaining a 2 for 1 match on your contribution, until year end.

Where? At MARF – the non-partisan mesothelioma research group run by Mary Hesdorffer. It’s a top notch group with a stellar scientific advisory board overseeing the deployment of the money raised through MARF’s efforts. And next March, MARF will hold a public discussion of the research results – see here for specifics.

Think of all the litigation revenues generated, and then consider giving back. Remember, it’s a 2x match, as explained in a recent blog post from MARF explains:

"As the end of the year is upon us, we would like to update you on our “Peace. Joy. Cure” holiday fundraising challenge. The challenge began on November 24th with a goal to raise $10,000 in online donations by the end of the year with an individual Meso Foundation donor willing to match every dollar up to $10,000. Now, the game has changed! Hanne Mintz has stepped up to match an additional $10,000. This brings our fundraising goal up to $20,000, and every dollar will be matched!"



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