Tort Litigation Industry – What the the Plaintiff’s Side Is Talking About

PointofLaw (Walter Olson) has a post here with a link to the online convention brochure for the the American Association for Justice, which is the trade association for the plaintiff’s bar in the US. It’s well worth reading to see what’s ahead. For example, there are entries indicating panels or presentations aimed at increasing sophisticated issues at all levels of the claiming process and international issues:

1) tips on following insurance back to include reinsurance, 2) tips on dealing with ERISA, subrogation and the “make whole” doctrine; 3) an international practice section focused on Mexico, Canada, England and the US; 4) the “resort tort” litigation group; and 5) a review of tort reform in Canada. which the brochure calls “tort recovery restrictions.”

In general, it seems inevitable that itigation as an industry will keep growing because:

1) non-US countries such as the UK and Australia increasingly treat treat law as the business it is and are allowing outside investment in litigation and law firms ,

2) litigation funding is booming thanks to investors that include insurance companies seeking better ROI, and

3) science is finding more and more “bad things” out in the world, ranging from endocrine disruptors to the cancer rate rising materially around the world.


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