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And Now: Alleged Use of Sex Tapes as Part of Litigation – Burford Capital, the ILR and Harry

Interesting times became even more interesting when the Financial Times published an August 21, 2019 article asserting that a sex tape took on a role in Burford Capital pursuing litigation. According to the article:

“A senior executive at Burford Capital has been accused of unlawfully trading confidential documents for a sex tape in a $91m lawsuit filed at the High Court in London… In the lawsuit, Daniel Hall, co-head of Burford’s global corporate intelligence, asset tracing and enforcement business, is alleged to have supplied “sensitive” documents obtained while working for a shipping client. Mr Hall is alleged to have exchanged the documents for “video material of a sexual nature” relating to American oil billionaire Harry Sargeant III, whose assets he was investigating for another client. *** In Burford’s defence, filed at the High Court, the company said it was not liable to Novoship for any loss or damages and said “the relevant information was in the public domain and was otherwise not private and confidential”.

Meanwhile, prior US litigation appears to have involved the same sex tape and disputes between Mr. Sergeant and a brother, as described in a June 26, 2018 article at Courthouse News Service.

How will the ILR handle this news?

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