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Timely, Open Access Web Site Provides a Great Way to Track the Civil Rights Cases Challenging the Va

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With so many executive orders being challenged in many forums, keeping track of the events presents challenges similar to the challenges in tracking events in mass tort litigation. Below, a note on the best resource I know of for tracking the civil rights cases. Guest posts are welcome if others know of better resources.

A University of Michigan law school web site provides open and timely access to the papers from the ongoing State of Washington case against Trump. That’s the case which produced the national injunction of the executive order on Trump’s Executive Order more commonly known as the Muslim ban.  The web site is called the Civil Rights Litigation Clearing House. See

 The group appears to be collecting papers from all the executive order cases. As an Illini, it pains me to say it, but: Go Blue! Hopefully lawyers for all sides agree that open and timely access to information is critical for people to see the true picture instead of having to rely on the media.

This morning, the 9th Circuit refused DOJ’s emergency request to end the national injunction.

The government already filed its paper seeking a stay. The court set a briefing schedule that has a brief being filed tonight (Sunday) by the State of Washington at 1 minute before midnight (perhaps a Cinderella story :)). Judging by the oral argument before the district judge, the brief may well include some of Trump’s tweet and other statements which were argued as showing racial bias and hatred.

The government replies in a brief due Monday at 3pm Pacific. See

No time set for a ruling.

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