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The US Chamber of Commerce Does NOT Like Litigation Funding, and Pause to Reflect

This prior post referred to a then-upcoming seminar and mentioned the question: what does the US Chamber of Commerce think about litigation funding. Thanks to an article today at Pointoflaw, we now know the unsurprising answer is: the Chamber does NOT like litigation funding. Go here for the Chamber’s paper.

What’s in the paper? Parts of it are fairly helpful reviews of litigation funding in Europe, Australia and elsewhere. Other parts are pretty shallow arguments that do not explore a wide range of interesting possibilities, some of which could even benefit defendants. But that’s an argument for another day – no need to give anyone in the US heartburn just before Thanksgiving.

Best wishes to all for a joyous holiday, with time to pause and reflect There are, after all, real people behind the statistics and data points, and some are real tort victims suffering from brutal cancers or other terrible diseases. For some, Thursday will be a bittersweet day as they will have no choice but to acknowledge that they almost certainly will never again gather with their loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving here on earth.

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