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The Next Asbestos Still Is More Asbestos

For years, many have posed the question: what is the next “asbestos” ?

The answer usually has been: more asbestos.

Here is one recent example of why the answer remains largely true. The example is a plaintiff’s firm press release urging the need to treat taconite as if it is asbestos even though its never before been classified as asbestos. There are some real health issues as to taconite, which you can see from this University of Minnesota web page addressing an ongoing study. The point here though is that the next asbestos is more asbestos. The second point is that the underlying JOEH article it cites purports to find a medical link between the presence of pleural plaques and pain in this particular person. The plaintiff’s bar no doubt will continue to use this article as part of the always ongoing campaign to find reasons why money should be paid to persons without actual impairment of their day to day activities.


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