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Will New Coronavirus Legislation Reflect Any Attention to Law Firm PPP $ and Mass Tort Advertising?

For both defense and plaintiff firms, the notable flow of PPP money to law firms raises its own set of questions regarding Congress' intent and the Trump Administration's interpretive regulations. Setting that subtopic aside, there is the further subtopic of the recent flow of even more plaintiff firm investment in mass tort advertising. One wonders whether these two topics will draw focus in the further funding bills that are now in play in Congress as part of coping with the current coronavirus debacle.

More and more numbers are emerging. A few years back, aided by numbers derived by consultants, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform began more frequently talking about tracking advertising devoted to mass torts, a trend that continued into this April 2020 online article at its website. More recently, the related Legal Newsline published a July 15, 2020 article focused on both PPP money and increases in mass tort advertising, with some links to further specifics.

Time will tell how this all plays out. One might wonder whether more specific numbers will emerge as the legislative process unfolds. One might also wonder whether lawyers and/or lobbyists will seek and/or receive any specific terms in the new legislation.

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