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The Litigation Industry – Insurance Industry Behavior and Trials

A bit of shameless self-promotion today for my new law firm. One of my new partners, Mike Childress, had an interesting interview this past week with Larry Smith on the BulletProof Blog. The blog is written by the Levick Strategic Communications firm that focuses on crisis management issues, usually for corporations. As part of the work, the principals of Levick continually reach out to and ask questions of firms that do significant amounts of  plaintiff’s work. CDG fits that model because we represent so many corporation and associations in battles with insurers.  Mike has spent 30 years suing insurers in a variety of cases, so he brings tremendous experience and insight to the topic.

The interview is online here, and provides Mike’s insights on some of the current behavior of insurers. Here’s my favorite part of the interview:

“We tried a seven-figure case last year after the insurance lawyer said that, if he could not win that particular trial, he should just return the rest of the files involving claims against that insurer. We have twelve cases against that same insurer, all of which involve the same type of loss. Our client won full damages at trial, but the insurer is still refusing to settle the remaining cases. In fact, it is the second case we have tried against this insurer and won. So, we will try the rest of the cases.”

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