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The Choice of Red or White Wine Also Involves a Choice of Pesticide Content

A good topic for a Friday – lessons from wine. A new article in Wine Spectator describes pesticide chemicals found in wines after extensive testing. The wines ranged from cheap to around $ 20 per bottle pricey. Pesticide chemicals were in all, with whites prone to contain more than reds.

Of note, the study was not performed by a traditional watchdog, such as a consumer group or a government agency. The testing instead was performed by a wine maker with a love for a chemistry.

A takeaway for lawyers and their clients? Manufacturers, growers and distributors need to understand and prepare for a "new normal" involving increasingly intense observation and testing of the contents of products, and looks backward to determine the source of unwanted substances. The new normal is arriving because new technology makes it less costly to undertake previously expensive, time-consuming measurements. New technology also makes it possible to measure low doses that were not measured in the past.

And, lawyers and their clients need to keep in mind that scientists are increasingly able to find and explain adverse impacts when humans and animals take in low doses of some external substances.

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