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The 2016 Election Version of the Philadelphia/Pennsylvania Story as to Tort Law

Elections of course bring changes in courts and legislatures, and various arguments and theories about what may happen. For tort system defendants in Pennsylvania, the indications are that the 2016 election brought adverse news, as described in a November 11, 2016 article in Philadelphia Magazine (with thanks to an east coast friend for the reference). The article includes the following synopsis:

“Barring someone leaving the court for another reason — a conviction, retirement or death, for example — the seven-member Pennsylvania Supreme Court will be Democratic for a while. Dems already have three seats into the 2030s. Thanks to the constitutional amendment that passed, Supreme Court justices in Pennsylvania can now serve until they are 75, with retention votes every 10 years. Last year, Pennsylvania had three open Supreme Court seats. Three Democrats — Christine Donohue, David Wecht and Kevin Dougherty — won the election. Wecht and Dougherty are 54. They can serve until 2037. Another Democratic justice already on the seven-member court, Debra Todd, can now serve until 2032. Democrats just need to replace Baer (who retires in late 2022) or Donahue (who retires in 2027) with a young Democrat to ensure the Supreme Court stays blue until the early 2030s. Read more at

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