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Stanford Law School Global Class Action Exchange – Online Source for Global Class Action Resea

Stanford Law School and Professor Deborah Hensler offer a significant online resource with numerous papers on class action practice around the globe. The resource is titled the Global Class Action Exchange. The website is here. The text of the “About” section is pasted below because it provides an overview.


The Global Class Actions Exchange is an outgrowth of an international conference on the worldwide spread of class actions, group proceedings and other forms of collective litigation that was held in Oxford, England in December 2007. The conference was co-sponsored by Stanford Law School and the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and funded by the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences and Stanford Law School, with additional support from individuals, law firms and the business sector in the US and Europe. Participants in the conference were eager to share information about developments in their countries and to establish a network of academicians, judges and lawyers interested in class actions and group litigation to whom they and others could turn for advice on these developments. We established this Clearinghouse in response. The Clearinghouse is directed by Prof. Deborah Hensler of Stanford Law School, who co-organized the 2007 conference with Dr. Christopher Hodges of the Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies.

The Global Class Actions Exchange currently includes country reports and other materials prepared for the 2007 conference; statutes, rules and important cases related to class actions and group litigation; academic and other commentary on global developments regarding class actions; contact information for legal analysts and practitioners who research or practice in the class action or group litigation area; and news of conferences and other events of interest to scholars and practitioners.

If you would like to contribute material for the Global Class Actions Exchange, please contact Deborah Hensler at

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