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South African Miner Claims – Anglo American a Target

This on-line article from South Africa provides an update on the efforts of Leigh Day & Co. and the Legal Resources Center of South Africa as to litigation on behalf of South African miners. Current claims include claims for gold miners, with the claims against Anglo-American dating back to 2004, as described here by Leigh Day.

Prior claims for miners were prosecuted against Cape Industries because of its appalling treatment of asbestos miners. Click here to see one of several on-line editions of pictures "from the collection of pathologist Dr J C Wagner showing a woman at a Cape Blue mine in Swaziland, southern Africa. She is sealing numbered bags of blue asbestos rocks (crocidolite) for export. Wagner’s research, and that of his colleagues, led to the identification of the causal link between exposure to blue asbestos and the lung cancer mesothelioma."

Richard Meeran has been an active force in both cases, as described here.

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