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Service of Process Through Facebook and Twitter – A Logical Extension of Old Law

Who knew ? An appellate court in Australia apparently blazed a trail by approving use of Facebook for service of process in a case where the defendants could not be located for traditional service of process. And, yes, that tactic apparently was suggested by young lawyers. Good for them – it is a logical extension of publication notice, and/or nailing a summons and complaint to the front door of a home.

For the specifics, see this article from the February 2009 Louisiana Bar Journal (Volume 56, No. 5) by Eric M. Liddick, a Louisiana lawyer. I learned of that article through a DRI publication that just came out this week. Also note that this online article says that a different Australian court refused to approve using Facebook to serve process.

And, there’s more. According to this Herbert Smith article, a New Zealand court also approved using Facebook for service of proces. The same article also says that a UK court approved using Twitter for service of process.

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