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Second Hand Smoke Confirmed to Cause Genetic Changes in the Fetus

Here’s some information that has implications for the roles of futures representatives for class action. The subject in general is multigeneration effects of carcinogens. The context in this instance is tobacco. This summary from ScienceDaily brings word that another study confirms that second hand tobacco smoke exposure for a pregant woman causes genetic mutations in the fetus. So, more phyical harm caused by tobacco, and it effects more than one generation.

The key paragragh states:

"In the current study, Dr. Grant confirmed smoke-induced mutation in another gene called glycophorin A, or GPA, that is representative of oncogenes — genes that transform normal cells into cancer cells and cause solid tumors. The GPA mutation was the same level and type in newborns of mothers who were active smokers and of non-smoking mothers exposed to tobacco smoke. Likewise, the mutations were discernable in newborns of women who had stopped smoking during their pregnancies, but who did not actively avoid secondhand smoke."

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