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Sanford CFO Guilty Plea Implicates Lawyer A and then Proskauer and Partner Sued in Class Action

Talk about a global tort. While waiting to transport one of my daughters this evening, I spent a few minutes reading the guilty plea (thanks, NYT) by Sanford’s CFO, James Davis. What raw fraud and greed. Hard to imagine why it was so hard for regulators to figure it out.

Reading the plea, it seemed to me plain that “Lawyer A” will be soon charged with being a central part of the fraud over at least the last two or three years of the scheme. So, I ran a quick Google search to see who might be lawyer A. The search turned up a late Friday AmLaw blog post that provides lots of reminders about past stories on Sanford, and reports in this post that an investor class action was filed late Friday afternoon against the Proskauer law firm and Thomas Sjoblom, saying he is “Lawyer A.”

Not a good year for the legal profession.

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