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Plaintiff Firms Attack Each Other Regarding Strategic Tactics in Claims Related to M & A Deals:

It remains fascinating to think about due process, res judicata, and the topic of strategic settlements in class actions. One set of deals prompted rancor between both plaintiff firms and defendants, as is described in  “This is weird: Securities class action defendant wants to block lead counsel appointment”as is described in a February 28 2018 article by Alison Frankel. There, Robbins Geller attacked other plaintiff firms for making sweetheart settlement deals. aAs explained by Ms. Frankel, “according to Robbins Geller, the deal benefits only the company and plaintiffs’ lawyers – exactly the sort of settlement the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decried as “no better than a racket” in its 2016 ruling in In re Walgreen(832 F.3d 718).”

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