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Perrin Webinar – Wednesday July 20 – Insurance Coverage for Talc Claims

The burgeoning roster of talc and ovarian cancer claims continues to grow. And now there are at least two uterine cancer claims. The underlying cases raise related insurance coverage issues. The coverage issues in turn raise questions about the science relevant to how injury is defined and how insurance triggers are defined.

There are both old and new aspects to the science. New issues because scientists today know vastly more about cancer than they did when asbestos coverage cases were being litigated back in the 1970s up through the Keasbey trial in the mid-200s. Heck, some of the front line cancer researchers today know much more than they did last year.

Another obvious variable is the cancers at issue. Ovarian cancer is different than mesothelioma in both quantity (22,000+ per year in the US) and links to genetic mutations and other factors.  Moreover, IARC and others are of the view that “asbestos” causes ovarian cancer. But is it really “asbestos” that some people find in talc, and has anyone tested that material for its ability to cause cancer of any kind?

These and other topics  will be covered in a Perrin Conference webinar on Wednesday July 20, 2016. You can register here. Yours truly will address some of the many sciences issues related to talc claims. And, insurance coverage veterans will address coverage law and theory.  It should be interesting.

The program overview is pasted below.


Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 2:00 – 3:30 PM EST


Kirk T. Hartley, LSP Group LLC, Chicago, IL Stephen Hoke, Esq., Hoke LLC, Chicago, IL Wayne S. Karbal, Esq., Karbal, Cohen, Economou, Silk & Dunne, LLC, Chicago, IL Alan M. Posner, Esq., Karbal, Cohen, Economou, Silk & Dunne, LLC, Chicago, IL


Underlying Litigation – Current Status and Future Differences and Similarities With Asbestos Coverage Issues Trigger of Coverage / Allocation Fortuity, Exclusions and Punitive Damages Impact of SIR’s, Deductibles, Claims-Made and Fronting Registration:

Cost is $129 per registration. This includes unlimited listeners from one phone line. Each registration includes one CLE application for one state. Additional CLE applications are $25 per state. Additional phone lines are $29 each.

CLE Credit: 1.5-2.0 CLE credits, depending on state requirements.

Applications are being made to all CLE states as requested by attendees. Please contact Kelsey Minerd with questions regarding CLE:

For more information about registration, contact Bethany Corio at”

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