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Matt Peacock’s YouTube Story on Asbestos Use in India – An Example of a Useful Story Mad

Matt Peacock has been covering asbestos use issues for many years from a consumer point of view. Now on YouTube is a 25 minute video on asbestos use in India. The story also is on AlJazeera.

The story is somewhat useful for presenting issues about continuing asbestos use. Unfortunately, the story also highlights the reality that discussions about "toxic risks" are too often conducted in short-hand terms and that facts are often distorted. Thus, the "pro-consumer" line of the story is impaired flawed by a Canadian scientist failing to acknowledge that science does draw lines between the disease-causing potential of different types of asbestos fibers – the lines are real. On the other hand, "industry spokespersons" also fail to state accurate facts about asbestos risks and resulting injuries. The lack of accuracy makes it harder for governments, businesses and consumers to make good choices.

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