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Order on Damages in a UK Mesothelioma Case

Comparing mesothelioma cases damages in the UK to similar damages in the US usually produces some amazement. A January 13, 2017 UK trial court ruling is online here, and well worth reading for comparative purposes. The case involves a successful entrepreneur, now in mid-70s, and fated to die of pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma from tradesman work on boilers in his early twenties. The court delayed ruling on damages, which plaintiff’s counsel at Leigh Day characterized as a win for plaintiff in a February 8, 2017 blog post. The arguments about economic loss are all about numbers in the low 6 figures. As described in paragraph 19 of the order, “[t]he figure of £90,000 was agreed as the correct assessment for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.”

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