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Litigation Spin Wars – A Pro-plaintiff Counter on Class Actions

The litigation spin wars continue to increase in intensity and volume. News of more spin arrived through an October 15, 2014 post at ThePopTort. The post starts out as follows:

“Today, the Center for Justice & Democracy at New York Law School released a brand new study, “First Class Relief: How Class Actions Benefit Those Who Are Injured, Defrauded and Violated.”  The study is a compilation of more than 150 recent class actions that have been litigated and settled since 2005.  It’s an examination of a wide array of cases, and I mean wide: cases involved predatory and discriminatory lending, like illegal auto finance and mortgage loan mark-ups, payday loans, unlawful practices targeting Servicemembers, and Ponzi schemes.  Many race and gender employment discrimination class actions.  Nine antitrust class action settlements that distributed over $1 billion to tens of thousands of consumers and small and medium-sized businesses from companies who participated in criminal price-fixing cartels!  Wow.”

See the full post at PopTort for the links and more of the story.

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