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Litigation Funding Updates

Years ago, it was obvious litigation funding would significantly change the litigation industry, and it continues to grow and thrive. Updates are available on AmLaw and D & O Diary. The D & O article includes a good set of links, but they are accompanied by some of the usual insurance industry’s nonsensical handwringing about financial interests of funders. That’s humorous when one stops to think the criticism comes from a thought leader for an industry built around making money off of litigation risks. Meanwhile, hedge funds also continue direct investment in litigation.

As to metrics. Burford announced the following, as summarized by AmLaw.

"Last week Burford announced that 2012 was its best year yet, as it took in $47 million in recoveries from 12 investments (either a single case, or a portfolio of cases with a single firm or client). Since the company began in 2009, it’s provided $373 million in financing for 46 investments. Another sign of success: Burford has to share the litigation financing field with a growing list of competitors that includes Juridica Investments Ltd., Parabellum Capital LLC, and BlackRobe Capital Partners LLC."

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