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Litigation Funding – Series of Articles Started by the NYT and The Center for Public Integrity

Here is the first article in a promised series on litigation funding. A note at the end of the article states:

"This project was initiated by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit investigative news organization in Washington. It is based on reporting by Ben Hallman of the center and Binyamin Appelbaum of The Times, and was written by Mr. Appelbaum."

Here is an iteration of the article at The Center for Public Integrity.

It will be interesting to see if the articles go into depth, and actually portray the realities of litigation. An encouraging sign is that the authors apparently interviewed Steven Yeazell, a real expert on the subject. Click here for a prior post which links to Prof. Yeazell’s seminal paper on civil litigation funding. The same post also links to information on RAND’s first seminar on litigation funding. This later post links to information on RAND’s second seminar on litigation funding.

The NYT article is followed by myriad uninformed "comments" by readers, with most attacking the US legal system and plaintiff’s lawyers. One hopes they keep reading and learn. By reading and thinking, they might even figure out that widespread litigation funding actually decreases the market power of plaintiff’s lawyers who historically have been the sole source for funding claims.

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