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Latham’s Commentary on UK Developments: “Reserving Privilege for the Few”

Claims for legal advice privilege are becoming more difficult and narrower in the EU, according to a February 10, 2017 article published at JD Supra by Latham & Watkins. The article is: Reserving Privilege for the Few: The High Court Confirms the Narrow Interpretation of “Client” for the Purposes of Legal Advice Privilege.

The article includes links to three notable decisions. Among other things, the article explains:

“Central to the ruling [against RBS] was the finding that relevant employees did not fall within the definition of the “client” for legal advice privilege purposes. The Court also confirmed that English privilege rules should be applied in cases before the English court so that, even though the interview notes were likely to have been privileged as a matter of US law, they were not privileged in English proceedings.”

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