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Judicial Salary Tracker for State Court Judges

From this story in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, here’s a story of an easy new way to track state court judicial salaries in the US. The easy answer is found in this new service from the National Center for State Courts. The article includes the following excerpts:

"With a few clicks of the mouse, users of a new National Center for State Courts (NCSC) tool can learn exactly how much Illinois judges earn in comparison to their counterparts in other states.

The Judicial Salary Tracker, which has been available for about two weeks, utilizes interactive maps and charts to let users view judicial salaries in each state over the past decade and to make comparisons between states, even accounting for cost of living adjustments.


Putting aside the issue of judicial salaries, Hurley, the analyst with the NCSC, said his group will continue to improve its new tracker, as well as the other tools available on its website.

"This is Version 1," Hurley said. "There will definitely be a Version 2 and Version 3 down the line."

Hurley also said while he is not sure it is logistically possible, the NCSC would like to be able to compare salaries of judges with other professionals, like law school professors, at some point.

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