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Insurance Industry Thinking on Toxic Torts

What’s the insurance industry thinking about vis a vis toxic torts? Some ideas can be gleaned from the FETTI seminar in Chicago this week. The agenda is here – it starts with asbestos and then goes on.

Who is FETTI ? According to the web site:

"In 2001, the Midwestern Environmental Claims Association (“MECA”) changed its name to The National Forum for Environmental & Toxic Tort Issues (“FETTI”) in order to better describe its origins and purpose. The Forum was created by the environmental sector of the insurance industry – specifically for the industry. It is dedicated to the professional development of its members in a cost effective environment.

Membership is open to individuals, companies and firms actively engaged in the adjustment, settlement and defense of casualty or property claims arising out of environmental damage or exposure to toxic substances.

Each year our organization convenes in Chicago to host a world-class seminar on a broad range of environmental issues with nationally recognized speakers. Since The Forum is a non-profit organization, there is no better educational bang for your buck. The all-inclusive fee for the annual seminar is approximately $200. This includes a cocktail reception, lunch and nearly fifteen hours of professional education. Attendees tell us the printed materials (also provided on CD) and periodic updates are worth the price of admission.

Membership in the forum is free to all seminar attendees! This free membership entitles you to receive the “Forum Mailer” which provides topical updates germane to the environmental professional. Membership also provides access to the secured pages of our website and instant networking through our nationwide contact list."

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