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Honoring Others at Christmas – Cancer-related Giving

Christmas Day – a time for peace, joy, love and hope.

Imagine, however, how the day feels if you are a parent, sibling or friend of James Atherton, remembered here by another victim of Ewing’s sarcoma. Or, imagine the feeling if you are a parent of young children, and you know cancer will make this your last Christmas, perhaps on a trip provided by the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation.

Please consider honoring others you love with a donation to a cancer-related charity. For those inclined to relieve suffering with joy, the Jack & Jill Foundation is a wonderful option. For those inclined to the research side, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is always a great choice. And of course myriad other cancers exist and may have attacked a person you love. The group known as Abolish Cancer runs a web site with many features, including an amazing list of cancer-related charities.

Wishing everyone peace, joy, love and hope.


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