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Group of 60 Carillion Paralegals Acquired by Big Law (Clifford Chance)

More or less buying and selling legal services continues to expand, at least outside the US.  Yet another example of this aspect of the litigation industry – and its financing and movement –  is embodied in the news that Clifford Chance “acquired” a 60 paralegal practice from the failing Carillion. The gist of the news is as follows; more specifics are in a February 15, 2018 post at Global Legal Post. 

“The in-house legal arm of failed contractor Carillionhas been acquired by Clifford Chance in a surprising move by the magic circle law firm. Newcastle-based Carillion Advice Services (CAS), which provides paralegal and commodity managed legal services, will be fully integrated with Clifford Chance. The move comes after the contracting giant went into administration last month. Commenting, Michael Bates, managing partner for Clifford Chance in the UK said: ‘Our priority is always to ensure that we are best placed to provide the optimum service to our clients.  By working with the CAS team, we will enhance our ability to provide extremely cost-effective, efficient and high-quality service on a range of low complexity legal tasks as an integral part of our overall client offer.'”

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