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Future Waves of Litigation, Mesothelioma Litigation Marketing, and Anti-Litigation Marketing &#8211

Good, bad, or otherwise, it’s a fact of life that there is significant business in marketing views on both sides of the litigation industry.

Today, for example, Google popped up a new example mesothelioma litigation for victims. It’s a recent example of Internet-based marketing tied to people trying to make their way into outdoor camera range for the "Today Show" in conjunction with "Mesothelioma Awareness Day."

Then, on the other side, Google also popped up this article on a "pro-business" group paying $ 70k for ads in Louisiana to tout imposing unstated limits on civil lawsuits.

For many years, plaintiff’s lawyer Joe Rice has astutely and dryly commented on the reality that asbestos litigation always become a popular topic during time periods prior to elections. As he spoints out time and again, asbestos litigation may well be the best ever source for "evergreen" campaign contributions. And that arises today because of something around 2,000 – 3,000 annual mesothelioma deaths in the US, depending on the numbers used.

Imagine what happens when toxic tort litigation really takes hold as to some of the other 497,000 cancer deaths that occur each year in the US. Some might think that the "asbestos litigation" controversies are really more about future waves of cancer litigation for various other cancers, as predicted by the American Conference Institute. Consider, for example, the blood and lymph cancers that some tie to exposure to various chemicals. The numbers are stunning – every ten minutes, someone in the US dies of a blood cancer, and the incidence rate for some cancer types has been increasing about 2% per year for each and every year since 1974.

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