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Fraudulent Conveyance Win in Tronox Netted $93 Million for Kirkland & Ellis

How soon will the US Chamber of Commerce complain about K&E’s $93 million (mainly) contingent fee in the Tronox/Anadarko fraudulent conveyance case? Maybe a short but sweet: Et tu Kirkland?

The story behind the story is told in a March 7, 2016 American Lawyer article. The story follows up from AmLaw using the FOIA to obtain the fee agreement.

In reality, lots of businesses use contingent fees and litigation funding, as Gerchen Keller explains here.  But, the US Chamber of Commerce complains constantly when state Attorney Generals and other government agencies do the same thing. Happily, the Tronox/Anadarko outcome was a spectacular win for the government, and the fee was well earned.

Good questions and reporting by Susan Beck.

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