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For Real BAP1 Facts, Attend the Perrin Conference Next Week; There Was No Trial of a BAP1 Defense in

Various articles (e.g. here) keep repeating the myth that “the BAP1 defense” was “defeated” in a “verdict” in  the Perez case in California. Not so. The “verdict” was a default judgment. See this image file of the order.

The only trial to date on BAP1 issues was the Holly Ortwein trial in California last month. That case settled shortly before the issues would have been sent to the jury. For the relevant and real facts, please join us at the Perrin Conference on Monday March 14, 2016. The trial provides the first highly visible example of genetic evidence in asbestos litigation. But that trial is simply the front edge of much more genetic evidence that will be arriving in asbestos litigation.

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