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Epigenetics Getting More Coverage in the Science and Law Community

It’s good to see more people talking about epigenetics as related to law and toxic torts. A new post from Innovative Science articulates some of the relevant points, and links to a 2009 article on the topic by Gary Marchant and others. It’s well worth reading and one of my all time favorites. For more links and some simpler articles, also see this GlobalTort post from 2010. The overview materials are still useful.

For more on the topic, consider attending HarrisMartin’s March 27th seminar on genomics and toxic torts. Yours truly is one of the chairs – this really is going to be a good meeting – there’s a lot happening relevant to asbestos and other toxic torts. After all, there are plenty more toxic torts yet to arrive, but now building. Will you be ready?

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