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Does Tesla Have An Unintended Acceleration Problem – Lawsuit Says Yes, With Detailed Allegatio

Interesting to see a new lawsuit that provides numerous very specific allegations to support the claim that some Teslas have an unintended acceleration defect, which allegedly caused a fatal crash at issue in the lawsuit. The complaint is online here, and a June 26, 2019 story at Indiana Lawyer provides a summary story and background information about the crash at issue, which involved a lawyer who was starting up a new business. Apparently he briefly survived an awful crash and fire, but then died. The allegations caught my eye because a local Lexus dealer sold me one of the Lexus cars that had a very real unintended acceleration problem that made me think I was crazy. For a year or two, the dealership spoon fed me the “floor mat problem” and other lies that were later exposed as lies. When they finally admitted the problem and fixed the software, the problem went away. Time will tell.

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