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Delay, Deny, Defend on a Global Scale – Australian Insurer QBE Refuses to Pay Claims In Both

"Delay, Deny Defend." The phrase sets out the business method for too many U.S. insurers. The phrase also is the title of an insightful and detailed book by Jay Feinman, a Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers. As a law professor teaching contract law in general and insurance law in particular, Professor Feinman truly knows the subject and explains well how the phrase applies to the US insurance industry.

Today, the phrase also applies globally. For example, Australian insurer QBE is famous in Florida for not paying hurricane damage claims, as illustrated here, here and here. Now, back in Australia, it’s gaining fame for refusing to pay claims arising from the recent disasters in Australia. Go here for a video and print story. In the UK, QBE recently picked eighteen law firms as part of its legal defense for EU claims. So, it appears EU policyholders can look forward to the same "3D’ tactics.

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