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CSX Moving Towards Trial on Claims Against West Virginia Asbestos Plaintiff’s Firm Peirce, Rai

An article by Steve Korris in the Madison County Dail Record provides an update on CSX’s lawsuit targeting the Pittsburgh-based Peirce, Raimond plaintiff’s law firm and radiologist Ray Harron, one of the doctors identified by many as facilitating bogus claiming. The case is set for trial in August on CSX’s claims that in essence accuse the law firm and doctor of manufacturing bogus law suits. Here are some key excerpts from the article:

“Baylor’s case was a sham,” CSX lawyer Marc Williams of Huntington, W.V. wrote to U.S. District Judge Frederick Stamp on June 16.During his May 11 deposition, Baylor “had virtually no knowledge of the circumstances” around his representation by Peirce, Raimond and Coulter of Pittsburgh, Williams wrote.

He wrote that Peirce firm lawyers “consistently acted without his authorization.”He wrote that at his deposition Baylor identified his own signature on a questionnaire but said handwriting on the asbestos exposure section belonged to someone else.

Stamp plans to start trial Aug. 11 on CSX’s fraud conspiracy suit against the Peirce firm, owner Robert Peirce, and radiologist Ray Harron of Bridgeport, W.V.”

The Record, as its known, is a great source for general information about litigation developments in some well-known venues for tort litigation. The information comes with a definite but disclosed pro-defense view, as explained here. Different iterations of the Record focus on different “plaintiff-friendly” jurisdictions, including West Virginia (go here) and southeast Texas (go here).

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