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Corporate Litigation Comments at Tulane

The world of corporate litigation continues to draw interesting comments, as described in a March 17, 2016 story at DealBook at the New York Tines.  At an annual gathering of corporate lawyers, Chief Justice Strine commented – again – on developments in the world of corporate litigation and activist investors. The comments were critical of the DuPont m&a. One wonders if he was focused on legacy liabilities when speaking about deal structure.

Meanwhile,  a corporate partner at Cravath obliquely addressed conflicts of interest among bankers and others:

“On the topic of banker conflicts — essentially boiled down to when bankers work for one company, having previously done another assignment for a competitor — Mr. Strine espoused a relatively sanguine view. First, Ms. Saeed repeated a now-infamous aphorism from Rob Kindler, the global head of mergers and acquisitions at Morgan Stanley, from the conference some years ago: “We’re all conflicted. Get over it.””

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