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Competition to Resolve Civil Law Issues: “Dutch lawyer warns companies against using British

Various forums continue to compete to resolve civil law issues and/or offer specialized “business friendly” laws (e.g tax shelters). Notably, the offering forums often are relatively small jurisdictions and/or lack other resources to sell. Think about, for example, Delaware, South Dakota, Panama, Switzerland, Ireland and the various islands that offer well-protected shell companies and “privacy.”

In that vein, The Netherlands continues to “up its game” as a place to resolve civil law issues. Specifically, the country is putting in place a civil law court where English will be the language, as is reported in a November 17, 2017 post at the Global Legal Post. The article explains:

“Noting that the Netherlands Commercial Court (NCC) will be established in Amsterdam in 2018 with English as the standard language when it comes to litigation on complex international trade disputes, [a lawyer} says the Dutch have a world-class reputation when it comes to accessibility, affordability, enforcement of judgement and the lack of discrimination, unreasonable legal deadlines and corruption or governmental interference. The country also holds the #1 position on the world justice project ranking list for civil justice.”

To tout the court, a Dutch law firm provides this web site with information. A Google search for Netherlands Commercial Court will bring up many more articles.

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