“Civil Justice” – A Federal Magsitrate Judge Appoints Counsel for a Destitute Civi

It’s hidden behind a paywall, but an interesting March 17, 2015 article from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (by Patricia Manson) notes the following:  “In a rare move, a federal judge appointed a lawyer to defend an ill and “nearly destitute” man against a lawsuit filed in a business dispute.” According to the judge, the defendant  had not asked for appointment of counsel but was trying to represent himself. Based on the court’s observation, the defendant “is facing a plaintiff, Seaga Manufacturing Inc., that apparently is attempting to “squeeze blood from a stone.” ….“   In its discretion, the court believes the stone should be able to fairly defend itself during that attempt. ”  The case is Seaga Manufacturing Inc. v. Intermatic Manufacturing Ltd., No. 13 C 50041 (N.D. Ill.).

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