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Chemicals, Mass Torts and Global Litigation: Upcoming ABA Mass Tort Committee

The ABA Litigation Section is putting on a regional workshop meeting on mass torts. The meeting is October 8 at ExxonMobile in Houston. The brochure for the meeting is here. The meeting is titled: Chemical Products and Toxic Torts: From Crisis to Mass Litigation: Starting Smart and Finishing Strong.

The meeting includes an international panel described as follows:

Leading attorneys involved in international and cross-border litigation will discuss the legal, social and political landscape as it relates to litigating claims in the United States and abroad. Recognized for their trailblazing work, these panelists will offer their perspectives on determining where to file claims that can properly be brought in the U.S. or a foreign jurisdiction and whether to move to dismiss based on forum non-conveniens. The discussion will include the impact of current world views on U.S.-based litigants in foreign jurisdictions, legislative efforts in foreign jurisdictions that attempt to make courts more accessible to tort and mass tort plaintiffs, and systemic corruption as it relates to outcomes in foreign litigation and how it impacts enforceability.

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