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Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

On Father’s Day, I’ve taken the liberty of reposting this cogent post from Dr. Wendy Harpham’s wonderful blog for persons who have survived cancer, and their families and friends: On Healthy Survivorship.

Once a practicing physician, Wendy refocused use of her medical and human skills as she became and continues as a long-term survivor of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma – this page tells a part of her life story.

"Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

I don’t feel guilty for surviving while other parents with young children have not. But I do feel an ache in my chest.

This winter I eased the ache by joining the board of the Jack & Jill Late Stage Cancer Foundation. Today I eased the ache by making a donation in response to their Tweet4Dad campaign.

This unique organization provides what founder Jon Albert calls a "WOW! Experience" to families where a mom or dad has advanced cancer and limited life expectancy. Think "Make a Wish" for kids, only for dying parents.

The idea is simple: When medical treatment options for a parent’s cancer run out, JAJF "treats the family, not the cancer" by providing an exciting, fun, uplifting, stress-free break from illness and dying.

JAJF does a magnificent job setting the stage for families to create special memories that will last the children’s lifetime. "Thanks to KODAK, these enduring memories are captured and remembered with personalized memory photo albums given to each family after their trip."

Please take a moment to visit the JAJF website and read one or two stories.

The sad reality is that JAJF can continue to help families only if individuals and companies believe in their mission enough to donate money and/or services. Please, please, please visit the website or go straight to the donation page. Whether you donate $1 or $1K, you will give some family the greatest gift possible."

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