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Asbestos Product Catalogs For Sale Online – The Perfect Item For Claimants Against Chapter 11

For several years, it’s been well known that eBay traders could make some money selling to plaintifff and defense lawyers old asbestos-containing products, including even old vehicles. Typically the products were acquired for use as trial exhibits. Now, this online web site is trying a new marketing approach – advertising old asbestos product catalogs as perfect items for claimants against some or all of the over 80 chapter 11 trusts created by entities that have entered chapter 11 due to asbestos product sales. I can imagine this working, especially for defendants stuck in the tort system that need to take discovery from plaintiffs regarding their use of products made by former defendants that exited the tort system via chapter 11. Thus, the website home page urges:

"An excellent resource for help with Asbestos Trust Claims, research material, attorneys preparing litigation, abatement professionals, and anyone interested in knowing what everyday products contained asbestos."

All research material is actual manufacturer’s catalogs and brochures in downloadable Color PDF format.

All catalogs can be purchased using a Credit Card Card for $39.95 each."

The online images show old product catalogs from various former manufacturers of asbestos-containing products. Go here for the first page of an old Manville catalog for its industrial products, or go here for its transite board catalog. Or, go here to relive Eagle-Picher’s wide range of fine ACM. Or see below for the image from Pitt-Corning’s catalog for Unibestos, a product that contained amosite.

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