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And Their Off: New TSCA Already Gives Rise to New Calls to Ban Asbestos in the US

As predicted, the arrival of the new TSCA legislation is leading to plaintiff side groups seeking renewed efforts by EPA to ban asbestos. The ADAO appears to have won the opening break out of the gate with a June 7, 2016 press release. The group argued:

“Asbestos has been the poster child for TSCA reform and will be the litmus test for the efficacy of this bill. The EPA must limit delay by including asbestos in the list of the first chemicals it evaluates and quickly exercising its authority under this legislation to ban asbestos. Until a complete ban is in place, asbestos will be found in construction materials, automobile parts, and even children’s toys.”

Asbestos is still being used in the US in amounts and uses some might not expect. For some overview numbers, see this May 31, 2016 blog post from a “mesothelioma” blog.

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