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ACE Insurance Fined by Texas for Repeated Violations of State Insurance Law

ACE insurance has been fined in Texas for violating state laws regulating insurers. The story is told on the ACE Litigation Watch, a web site and blog devoted to tracking litigation against ACE. As explained there:

"ACE American Insurance Co. has paid an $8,500 fine to the Texas Department of Insurance after having admitted that it violated numerous provisions of the state’s workers’ compensation laws.

The Philadelphia-based unit of ACE Group was cited by the Texas Commissioner of Workers Compensation for failing to comply with commission orders, among other findings. That applied to three instances one of which involved a contested case hearing decision in which ACE failed to comply in a timely manner. In another instance, the state advised ACE that a decision by a hearing officer regarding benefits is final in the absence of a timely appeal by a party, and is binding during the pendency of an appeal to the appeals panel.


The Commission found that ACE violated state law in at least 12 instances. It did not order any administrative action against the company other than the fine, but indicated that failure to comply with the order subjects the company to stiffer penalties."

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