Are you in general healthy? Are you free of the major risk factors for near term death (smoking, obesity, excess alcohol, lack of exercise, poor diet lacking in fruit and vegetables)?  Do you want to know if you have an excess risk of dying in the next five years for some unknown reason?  Or, on

"Nine blood stem cell colonies are illustrated in the image, which have developed into differentiated cell types, particularly into white blood cells (leukocytes).") (Photo courtesy of the Department of Clinical Research of the University of Bern, Tumor-Immunology Research Group)


Stem cell niches. Researchers know in general that niches are important places in bone marrow, and are

How many medical journal articles did you and your toxic tort team review in depth in 2013?  Perhaps you have a deep and skilled team, and maybe made it through 100 medical journal articles? Perhaps your team has fewer resources and made it through 50 medical journal articles? And is it correct to think the