The litigation industry seldom lacks for people spinning an "issue," creating a faux "issue" or just plain spewing out talking points for some side without the burden of actual knowledge or adequate information.  A new example of spin and counter-spin arises as the Economist took a swing at patent law, patent trolls, NPES, etc. P

Myriad Genetics has lost again in its efforts to claim patent protection for reading the sequence of the so-called BRCA genes associated with breast cancer.  This time, a federal judge in its home state denied its request for a preliminary injunction against another company that will sequence BRCA genes for about half the price charged

Is litigation all bad? Apparently not, at least judging by the actions of corporate America. Thus, corporations continue to embrace revenue-generating litigation, and use of patent litigation as a strategic business tool. The latest example arises in federal court in Texas, where Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericcson and Sony are the wizards behind the curtain for

The US Supreme Court just held that even patent lawyers must face state law malpractice claims in state court. Some members of the patent bar are not happy about that outcome. Indeed, Mr. Noonan continues to jibe at SCOTUS because it does not defer to the Federal Circuit, and indeed has the temerity to

Here (but subscription required) is a Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article regarding an interesting ruling on two aspects of entrepreneurial claiming. The opinion holds that a 40% contingent fee is a reasonable fee for contingent patent fee claims. The case also holds that since patent law claims arise under federal law, the federal courts also