International Asbestos

Non-partisan media and Laurie Kazan-Allen/IBAS (see Dec. 30 story) are both reporting on a Swiss court issuing orders convicting Eternit officials for some form of homicide related to asbestos exposures in manufacturing plant employees. If Google translate can be trusted, the case appears to involve a mesothelioma in a man who worked for Eternit for

The BBC reports that Wales recently adopted a previously debated law that allows the government to recoup medical costs from an asbestos defendant or insurer found responsible for the injuries that were treated. A prior version of the bill is here. The Association of British Insurers opposed the bill – it’s letter is here

Asbestos claiming continues to globalize as against some defendants. Bloomberg is reporting that a Brazilian government agency has filed a new lawsuit seeking from Eternit SA some $420 million of compensation for diseases arising in persons in Brazil who were exposed to and injured by asbestos. The claim is said to exceed the value of